10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid In 2020

Search engine optimization is the process of making your website friendlier for various search engines. It is a continuous, ongoing process that is dynamic in nature rather than being a one time job. But in their desire to improve their search engine rankings and also to make their websites more visible, many business owners and internet marketers commit costly mistakes while carrying out this all-important process. These mistakes have the potential of causing a loss of rankings and even getting penalized by Google or other search engines. Here are the top 10 SEO mistakes that you must avoid in 2020:

1.     Using content that is too thin

Many website owners, in their hurry to publish new content, post content that contains very few words. Remember that Google is always on the lookout for fresh and meaningful content and this also includes dense content. It is better to wait than post too thin content. There was a time when a 300-word blog post was considered as sufficient by Google, but today it is considered thin and insufficient. Tenfold Growth Ltd in London makes sure that the content on your website is dense and meaningful to attract search engines.

2.     Use of very long titles

This is another costly SEO mistake often committed by internet marketers. They make titles that are too long in a bid to specify what is contained in the content that follows. These long titles reduce the impact of the keyword and Google curtails long titles to fit on the screens of mobile users.

3.     Not making efforts to build links thinking content to be awesome

No matter how good the content, it is doomed to sit on your website if you do not make efforts to link with other websites or do nothing to promote the content.

4.     Paying little attention to user experience

Many marketers remain busy with keywords and link building, paying little attention to something that directly impacts the duration for which a visitor stays on a website. It is called user experience and it dictates how much your site is liked by not just visitors but also Google and other search engines. If the site is attractive and loads fast, users stay on the site longer than your competitors’ sites.  Tenfold Growth Ltd is one SEO company that pays great importance to UX.

5.     Not giving due importance to mobile users

By now, a vast majority of marketers have understood that nearly half of the people access the internet using their smartphones and tablets rather than their laptops and desktops. But those who ignore the significance of a responsive website pay the price in missing out on customers trying to access the website using their smaller devices.

6.     Ignoring the importance of keywords

So much has been said and written about the importance of the use of keywords in the content that it looks redundant to even talk about them. But whereas overstuffing content with keywords is a big no, no and even penalized by Google, you cannot ignore them completely also believing your meaningful content will do the trick on its own. It is the presence of these keywords in title and H1 and H2 tags that gives Google an idea about the content on your page. Use the keyword sparingly but do not ignore it completely.

7.     Underestimating the power of guest blogging

Google still attaches great importance to guest blogging as it believes that it helps in the feeling of a community. You are committing a big SEO mistake if you do not invite a guest blogger who is known or popular thinking that it is a waste of time. It may be a virtual world but Google thinks community building is as important there as it is in the real world.

8.     Backlinks that are spammy in nature

If you have been hit by Google for including spammy links on your website, you need to realize that search engines do not like cheating in any way. Do not commit this mistake in 2020 as Google is penalizing the violators in a big way now. Do clean up just like you do in your house after a massive flood in your area. In fact, maintenance of backlinks is like sweeping the floor of your house so make sure you do not commit this important SEO mistake in 2020.

9.     Giving importance to numbers rather than quality

Link building is a good SEO exercise that is appreciated by Google but it does not mean linking to irrelevant sites or sites that have a very poor ranking. Pay attention to quality rather than numbers. Tenfold Growth Ltd is an SEO company that only creates quality backlinks for your website.

10.   Ignoring social media

No website can today think of ranking high without recognizing the power of social media. Do not commit this SEO mistake in 2020 as you can badly hurt the prospects of your website by ignoring social media altogether. Your popularity and interaction with customers on Face book, Twitter, Pinterest, etc decide whether you deserve a better ranking on Google or not.


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