5 Ways to Increase Your Brand Presence through SEO

When you go to the market to buy a product that you will use in the household, you ask it through the name of the company rather than simply using the generic name. For example, you ask for a Pepsi or Coca Cola than simply saying cold drink as you have a strong desire to be using the product of a specific company. This is because of the branding done by the company. Because of this branding, you are ready to pay a little more for a product even if is available for a lesser price by another name in the market. Companies around the world spend lots of money to create their brand awareness. SEO is a rather inexpensive method to increase brand awareness of a business. Here are 7 ways in which SEO can help in increasing your brand presence.

It takes a long time and effort for a business to become a brand in the eyes of its target group of customers. But in modern times, you can achieve brand awareness with the help of SEO. Search engine optimization creates awareness and gives your company a kind of exposure that makes it a brand with the passage of time. But there are hundreds of competitors vying for the same group of customers, making it very difficult to create a unique identity for your business. However, with SEO tools and techniques, it is today possible even for a small company to lock horns with giant companies of the world.

1.     Higher Visibility Online

A good search engine optimization campaign run by Tenfold Growth Ltd after making an analysis of your business objectives starts to show results in a few weeks time. You find that the URL of your business shows up in the top results of Google when you conduct a search based upon keywords. This improved visibility creates a solid impression in the minds of your target group of customers. They tend to believe that you are different from others. Thus SEO campaign tailor-made according to the requirements of your business increases your brand presence.

2.     Increased Visibility through Paid Search

A paid search campaign is a part of any search engine optimization effort. It is a known fact that SEO takes time to deliver results and the number of visitors, in the beginning, is always low. If you are not satisfied with the number of visitors reaching your website, SEO can help you in this regard by showing your URL in the top results through advertisement. This is called paid search or PPC and you pay Google for every click you get on your URL by visitors that arrive on your website. This method of SEO, even though it is paid advertising, increases your visibility and helps in creating brand awareness for your business.

3.     Link Building Creates Brand Awareness

Link building is a very important exercise undertaken by us, a respected name in the field of SEO in London. This endeavor helps Google and other search engines to decide how popular your business is. It is like getting authenticated by someone known and respected in your niche. Thus SEO allows your business to gain respect and acceptance which is the prerequisite for becoming a brand in the long run. Link building helps in gaining acceptance in your chosen niche. Google loves the idea of community building and ranks websites higher when they have high authority backlinks.

4.     Social Media Marketing for Brand Awareness

This is the age and times of social media and even SEO companies accept their supremacy. Leveraging the power and potential of social media through SEO is a ploy to help a business become a brand in a quick time. The buying behavior of people today is heavily influenced by what your friends and relatives are buying and using. We will try to create a soft and positive image of the client and his business over social media and makes use of SEO to send traffic through social media platforms. You think positively about a company and its products when you see it as having a humane face and when you are able to interact with the page of the company over various social media platforms. However, you need not have a ‘me or my’ approach when appearing on social media. You have to appear human and engage in a manner that is inspiring and encouraging for others.

5.     Content for Brand Awareness

Content is king they say and they are right even in this age of graphics and images. You can attract people using flash and animation but they ultimately go for what is there which is valuable for them. Your SEO expert should help in the creation of content that is meaningful, fresh and relevant. We realize the importance of content and sees to it that the content on the website of the client creates brand awareness.

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