Decoding Digital Marketing Strategies that Matter the Most

Marketers and businesses that are busy chasing SEO trends and digital marketing strategies without understanding their relevance and context enjoy limited success. When it comes to designing a digital marketing strategy for your business, it is crucial to focus on elements that are aligned with your goals and your target audience.

This article will walk you through digital marketing strategies that matter the most when it comes to boosting audience engagement and conversion rates.

Here, take a look:

Instagram: Hit with Millennials & Kids

Instagram has witnessed a meteoric rise in recent years, surpassing one billion users and introducing numerous new tools to aid advertisers and marketers reach out to their targeted audience in a myriad of creative ways. Instagram is one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms, and if your business is focused on younger demographics, this platform is indispensable for your marketing mix.

Instagram is a big Hit with users under 30, and while Facebook is rapidly losing its charm, Instagram allows you to reach out to the coveted millennials and kids with greater precision. This social media platform allows you to enhance creativity and relevance in a myriad of ways so you can make your marketing campaigns more personalized, relevant and appealing.

From allowing shop features to sharing behind-the-scenes content through your stories, Instagram is a powerful platform to reach out to the younger demographics and boost your conversion rates dynamically.

Video Marketing: An Absolute Essential

Today, video marketing is no longer an option but rather, it is an absolutely indispensable essential to make your marketing propositions appealing and engaging. If your business is not incorporating video marketing, you are likely to be at a competitive disadvantage. You see, modern-day users have a fleeting attention span and they are unlikely to read through lengthy blog posts unless they are actively searching for insight and information.

Blogs and text simply cannot compete with the lure and appeal of videos, which have proven highly effective at cementing brand identity and selling products and services in the digital realm. In a world that is smartphone-crazy, people are more accustomed to watching videos on their mobile phones as opposed to reading blog posts. They actively seek out videos that are fun and engaging and can be shared with their followers and friends on social media.

Videos are an excellent medium to introduce new products, share inspiring information about your brand and underscore the elements that make your brand special and unique. It is crucial to understand the impact of video marketing on boosting conversions and selling products. You see, consumers are more likely to make online purchases after watching a lengthy video about the product and its uses.

Video marketing is a proven strategy to boost conversions and enjoy greater success while launching new collections and product portfolios.

Live Streaming

With numerous platforms jumping aboard the bandwagon of the live video feature, live streaming has emerged even more competitive and engaging than video marketing. It is a powerful and dynamic strategy to stay in touch with your audience, and keep them entertained and engaged.

When used in conjunction with influencer marketing, live streaming allows brands to attract the new generation of social media users and customers. Brands are increasingly focused on using live streaming to market their collaborations with social media influencers, celebrities and athletes, amongst others.

Interacting directly with your consumer audience and answering their queries is a great strategy to humanize your brand and offer a personalized touch.

Content is Still King: Maintaining Context

Quality content continues to remain an integral aspect of a successful and engaging digital marketing campaign, however, it is crucial to place greater emphasis on context and nuance. With innovations such as live streaming and chatbots, many marketers have a tendency to sideline content marketing, which is a terrible mistake.

Content marketing continues to be an essential component of your marketing mix, however, there is a greater emphasis on quality and context. While curating content, content creators and marketers are strongly advised to focus on maintaining context, relevance and targeting. In 2020, Google has introduced highly sophisticated algorithms, such as the BERT update, which allow a deeper understanding of online blog posts and content.

Therefore, marketers must take a different approach towards curating content by focusing on their target audience and more precise techniques of tailoring content to address the preferences of their audience. For instance, the BERT update has allowed Google to gain better insight into the natural language of the search queries.

Google strongly advises marketers to avoid chasing after trending SEO strategies and focus on maintaining a website that offers quality content, informative links and fast loading speed.

Email Marketing: More Personalized

Emails continue to remain a major communication tactic to reach out to your audience and introduce them to new offerings, products and campaigns. Email marketing is not going anywhere, and in fact, it is becoming all the more crucial and integral with the recent wave of personalization.

It is crucial to note that the age of generic emails is long gone and today, consumers prefer personalized emails that offer them exactly what they seek from a brand. Automation is a crucial trend to adopt to boost the success of your email marketing campaigns, but without personalization, this trend has nothing to offer. Marketers are strongly advised to make their marketing emails more specific and personalized.

For instance, offer them demo videos of new product portfolios, introduce them to exciting promotional prices exclusive for email subscribers, or introduce them to the various uses of a product they have been buying for years. It is crucial to regard email as an actionable trigger that will motivate your audience to buy your product or book your services.

As a digital marketer, it is essential to grasp the significance of interactive content that allows users to click, swipe and interact in numerous ways. Marketers can use interactive content to educate, inspire, motivative and attract their audience. Some popular types of interactive content include augmented reality ads, polls and quizzes, and 360-degree videos, amongst others.

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