Digital Marketing Trends to Adopt in 2020

The digital marketplace is constantly evolving and innovating. New trends and features are being introduced each day and brands are eager to adopt new mediums to market their products and services.

2020 is a remarkable year of digital advancements, and businesses will find themselves flooded with a wide range of features and tools to capture consumer attention.

Let’s take a look at the digital marketing trends all businesses must adopt in 2020:

Creating Human-Centered Content

In the realm of social media and digital marketing, automation has gained immense traction and significance. However, the digital marketing trends for 2020 indicate a preference for content curated for humans as opposed to robots and machines. Remember, content is king and you need to curate campaigns that are original, unique and user-friendly. This is crucial to win in the competitive race of Google SEO rankings.

If you want to emerge on the first few landing pages of Google, it is important to make sure your content stands out amongst billions of other websites and brands. The content must be creative, immersive and interactive to ensure that users spend a great deal of time on your website and become frequent visitors. Research reveals that over 90% of the users seek content that is immersive and filled with interactive visuals.

Content that is free from plagiarism and unique will help you win over both, Google algorithms and your targeted consumer audience. Another important thing to avoid in 2020 is keyword stuffing. If you simply use keywords without creating a proper structure and creative theme, Google will be able to identify and block your content from its landing pages.

In 2020, brands need to focus on content that is personalized for their audience.

The Year of Voice Search

2020 welcomes brands and businesses to enter the age of voice commerce, a vital ingredient for efficient and effective digital marketing campaigns. The basic theme behind voice commerce or voice search is to deliver your product or service without requiring much effort on part of the consumer. From Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri to Google Home, all these devices incorporate voice search to offer convenience and flexibility.

After being able to dim the lights in their room and play their favorite music without so much as lifting a finger, brands need to get prepared to spoil their consumers with the convenience of voice search.

Personalization is Key

Personalized content and features are the most dominant trend in digital marketing for the year 2020. If you want your business to grow and expand its consumer engagement, personalization must be a priority. Consumers react and respond more positively towards brands that offer personalization in their content, products, and services.

Personalized emails, content, social media campaigns and digital ads are a sheer necessity for brands who seek to cement their brand identity and capture the loyalty of their targeted audience. Personalization requires brands to deploy multiple channels, including email marketing, WhatsApp marketing, Facebook and Instagram marketing and more.

Social Media Shopping

Social media innovations are increasingly making commerce all the more flexible and easier. Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, are no longer limited to share what’s on your mind, your pictures and everyday statutes. In 2020, social media platforms have emerged as the leading marketplaces to boost revenues and reach out to your consumer audience.

Marketers need to regard their social media platform with the same scrutiny and significance as their apps, websites and other channels. Technological advancements such as Facebook VR, Shoppable Posts and One-Click Instagram checkout features allow brands to enjoy quick conversions and increased revenues. It is important to use these features to drive your sales and encourage customers to make instant purchases.

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest have emerged as some of the most popular platforms for consumers looking to make buying decisions and seeking inspiration. Consumers are increasingly reliant on these platforms to come across new and existing products and services. It is important to make use of all these features to gain traction and popularity.

Going live on Instagram and Facebook is an immensely advantageous marketing strategy to boost your user engagement and encourage your audience to experience your products and services. This will encourage them to use social media commerce tools to book appointments and make purchases. Social media groups, communities, and forums are another significant channel that will help you engage and attract consumers.

In 2020, it is important for brands to make a mark on their consumers by actively digitizing their strategies and capturing each new innovation before their competitors. This year will lead us into a much more competitive and innovative online marketplace where brands are utilizing different features and tools to capture user engagement and influence consumer buying decisions. Brands can no longer afford to lag behind by shying away from advancements!

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