Dynamic Video Advertising:How To Get Incredible Conversion

As global connectivity increases, our our technological focus is increasingly becoming more in tune with consumers’ desires for individuality amidst mass markets. We don’t want to just be a face among the masses; we want to be known and understood.

This is where dynamic advertising enters the scene to reassure marketers and consumers alike that they aren’t just a nameless number being fed an impersonal sales pitch. One solution to the indifference of mass marketing that is currently pulling ahead as a top converter is to use dynamic video in your advertising.

We’re going to dive into the details of the “what,” “how,” and “why” of dynamic video advertising. Those who are already using it are instantly seeing the potential of this innovative form of marketing to engage users like never before.

What Are Dynamic Ads?

Dynamic advertisements are ads that adapt to each potential client or customer to give them the most impactful experience. Essentially, the creative portion of each ad changes to match each individual who views the ad. With continual software advances in this area, the technology increases in capability and innovation each year.

Thanks to the huge amount of data available, advertisers are able to hyper-target clients to make each one feel that they have found the product that perfectly meets their needs. Any good dynamic video advertising software includes data analytics with it, because the beauty of this cutting-edge type of marketing is that it is able to leverage all of the targeting data that’s available to you from your consumers.

For instance, a dynamic advertisement can be as simple as an ad changing from English to Spanish based on the consumer’s device language setting. When it gets fancier, the ad is able to integrate information from consumers’ social media profiles to incorporate names, pictures, or locations into the sales pitch. Or, it can take a product that was left in an online shopping cart and create an ad specifically tailored to that potential customer by reminding them of the abandoned item and asking if they’re ready to purchase.

Dynamic advertising has been around for a few years now for static ads, and these days dynamic video advertising is taking over as king of conversion for online sales. Since video already has incredible potential to build trust and relationships through its personal appeal, adding dynamic layers into the mix means you’ll start seeing conversion rates through the roof. Let’s discuss some of those specifics.

How Are Companies Using Dynamic Videos To Convert Sales?

Some companies are using dynamic videos on their product sales pages and in related advertising locations to sell more products. Landing pages with videos have significantly higher conversion rates than those without, and then those videos can be customized to a specific individual, the returns are even higher.

As well, the ability to add clickable CTA’s inside the video gives viewers the power of choice. When consumers feel they are in control, they experience greater levels of interactivity and decision-making related to their purchases.

With this in mind, we’ll look at 2 examples of this dynamic advertising in action to see why it’s so effective for engaging customers’ attention.

Video link: https://youtu.be/1JdnWgnJBIk

This dynamic ad example features name, image, and location personalization to highlight to each individual viewer why buying a home through their agency will be the best experience. In particular for an industry like real estate, where making a buyer feel at home is paramount, personalization tells the potential client they will be in the best hands.

Adding in those clickable CTA’s, as well, gives the viewer the instant option to act on those emotions of trust and relationship that have been stirred up by the elements of personalization. It’s a good practice with dynamic video advertising to make full use of these connections as quickly as possible.

Video link: https://youtu.be/QjKIpFlzNi8

Another similar example lets viewers of this ad know why this café will be the one they’ll come back to again and again: it communicates “we’ll see you and know you as an individual.” Who doesn’t want that?

This is why this kind of dynamic advertising works: it calls out to each customer in a way that ensures the business relationship will be one of trust and care, which only serves to increase business and brand loyalty on the part of the consumer.

As well, with the current advances in this kind of software, you get the benefit of making your ads look like you’ve spent hours individualizing each one, when in reality the automation aspect means you can spend literally minutes creating thousands of personalized videos. That means a huge saving on time for you with a high ROI from that time.

Now that we know the what and the how, let’s get into the reasons why dynamic video advertising works so well in modern marketing.

Why Do These Ads Convert So Well?

There are quite a few reasons why dynamic, personalized video content performs so well. We’ll examine two of the most salient ones.

Purchasing Power

When customers browse products on your shop or view your “about us” page, they are handing you a gold mine of information about their interests and what they’d be willing to purchase.

When a company uses a dynamic creative ad to remind customers of something they viewed but didn’t purchase on their first or second visit, the conversion rate skyrockets. It’s been shown in more studies than one that customers are 6x more likely to purchase a product when it re-appears in this type of re-marketing campaign.

A six-fold increase in conversion is huge.

It’s so big that even massive conglomerate Amazon is working on incorporating this type of personalized advertising in the Amazon experience. As well, marketing investments of this kind are being shown to be the most cost-effective regarding CPCs and CTRs, since they keep consumers engaged the longest of any other form of advertising.


Certain studies have found that one of the top reasons many online consumers use ad-blockers is because 74% of them feel frustrated when they are shown ad content irrelevant to their actual interests or needs.

Dynamic advertising aims to bridge this gap. Simple personalizations like name or image can catch your customer’s attention more effectively than a generic ad manufactured for the masses. There’s currently nothing else out there in marketing that comes close to providing this level of engagement and relevance to your consumers.

When your ad becomes more relevant to your consumer by integrating previously viewed products or names, the increase in ROI is immediate. Higher relevance leads to higher sales numbers, which leads to better business and better connections with your customers.

Dynamic video advertising with such personalization features has a 35% higher retention rate than non-personalized ones, which means that consumers are engaging with these experiential ads in meaningful ways. The effectiveness of shifting from static to dynamic is evidenced in the words: static has its meaning roots in standing still, while dynamic comes from the Greek for “power.”

How Can I Get Started?

You can find a great starter course on how to achieve this success in our webinar, “How to Increase Conversions Through Video.” This webinar draws on a variety of case studies to introduce different ways you can harness the power of personalization and create a dynamic environment to keep your customers connected and coming back to your business again and again.

No matter what your brand represents or hopes to provide to future clients, dynamic, personalized videos that are hyper-targeted can help. With dynamic advertising, you’ll maximize ad relevance and consumer engagement to provide the best experiences to your customers, enhancing their loyalty to and interest in your brand.

This sure-fire way to increase the return that you see on the time and money you put into your advertising is the future of efficient advertising. Interactive web experiences are the next big thing to know about in the world of online advertising. Make the most of your opportunity to learn all about this effective advertising method with our webinar!

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