Growth-Focused Digital Marketing Practices for Startups

Have you recently started a new business? Or perhaps, you’re planning to invest your savings into a home-based startup. 2020 is the age of Digital Darwinism, and businesses of all shapes and sizes are rely on digital marketing to gain credibility and integrity in the eyes of their consumers.

Today, digital marketing is no longer a luxury, it is in fact, a necessity. You see, modern-day consumers do not trust brands that do not possess a website and a robust social media presence. Consumers actively seek out brands on social media and require a website to verify their quality before making buying decisions.

In this day and age of rapid digital evolution, it is crucial to carve out credibility and reliability with the help of digital marketing. Most entrepreneurs believe that content marketing and social media advertising require a sizable budget. While that is true to an extent, content creativity and originality are far more crucial aspects to drive success, and promote lead generation and conversions.

As a startup, your business must be struggling with budgeting issues, which is why, these practical, growth-focused digital marketing will prove instrumental in acquiring new customers and cementing brand identity.

Here, take a look:

Market Research

At Tenfold Growth we strongly advise startup owners to begin their digital marketing journey with extensive market research, and outlining their marketing goals. Market research will help you identify ongoing digital trends, and examine the strategies deployed by your competitors.

It is crucial to develop buyer personas to refine your target consumer audience. Remember, digital marketing revolves around two major elements: your business and your target consumer audience. Identifying and refining your target audience is a vital endeavor as it will help you choose the right marketing mediums and social media channels to reach out to your audience.

If you are focused on millennials, you should approach them through millennial-friendly strategies and platforms, such as Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube. If you’re targeting consumers above the age of 40, email marketing and Facebook are more viable platforms to add to your marketing mix.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Have you created a user-friendly website for your consumers? If yes, then how can you ensure that your website emerges of the first page of Google search results? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of maintaining relevance that allows Google’s algorithms to identify your website and bring it to the first page of its search results.

There are various SEO techniques that can aid startups in boosting website visibility and enhance their relevance. The first trick is to align your content marketing strategy with the needs and preferences of your consumer audience. What are the looking for while seeking out your products and services? More specifically, what keywords are they using while seeking out your brand offerings?

It is crucial to prioritize keyword search and make it an integral part of your content creation. Long-tail keywords are more effective at boosting SEO-friendliness and offering your consumers relevant content.

Link building is another SEO strategy to win over Google’s algorithms by cementing the credibility and quality of your content. It requires you to encourage bloggers, marketers and quality websites to back link your website’s link into their content.

We advise this strategy because when your link appears on multiple credible websites, it not only brings in new customers and expands your audience, but it also signals Google that your website is worth citing.

Online Listing Platforms

If you’re running a physical business, such as a coffee shop or a hair salon, it is crucial to maintain a robust and appealing presence on all online listing platforms. Yelp and Google My Business (GMB) are crucial platforms to gain new customers and cement your credibility and reliability.

Be sure to focus on cultivating professionalism in your profiles by uploading high resolution photos, and adding a detailed bio. Avoiding rushing through this step, like most business owners do, and take your time to set up an appealing profile. It is crucial to add the links of your website and social media platforms so potential customers have access to your entire digital footprint.

It is also important to ask your friends, family and customers to give reviews in order to gain credibility.

Managing a Blog

Running an information and creative blog is an excellent strategy to empower your audience with engaging and interactive content. It allows you to enhance your SEO strategy and utilize keywords to make your website more relevant and Google-friendly. By creating a consistent and creative blog, you can gain an audience that seeks out your content and has faith in your reliability and quality.

You see, your blog is the official mouthpiece of your website and brand, and it allows you to cement your expertise in your given industry. For instance, hair and makeup artists can flood their audience with inspiration and information regarding trends, products and skincare issues. While retail brands can introduce their quality-centric processes, discuss their product offerings and encourage customers to scoop up seasonal collections.

Modern-day customers actively seek out blog posts to examine the quality and offerings of a brand before making their buying decisions. It is crucial to maintain consistency with your blogging efforts. We advise entrepreneurs to create a monthly content schedule for their blogging initiatives.

Email Marketing

Despite being one of the oldest marketing techniques, email marketing continues to remain relevant despite the rapid pace of digital evolution. This traditional strategy allows startups to build personal connections with their audience, and encourage them to establish ties in exchange for special offers and coveted discounts.

In 2020, personalized email marketing is rapidly on the rise, and startups are encouraged to adopt a client-centric approach to boost open and click-through rates. You can enjoy higher returns on investment by adding a personalized touch to your emails. Be sure to add personalized subject lines and information that your consumer is actively seeking online.

Last but most certainly not the least, social media marketing is an essential aspect to drive your digital marketing success. Be sure to allocate sufficient significance and a sizable chunk of your budget to Facebook and Instagram ads. Video marketing takes precedence over lengthy blog posts, and it offers higher returns on investment.

Facebook and Instagram Live, alongside IGTV, allow entrepreneurs to engage with their audience on a more personal level and humanize their brand. It is ideal to share the story of your struggles as an entrepreneur and the inspiration behind your startup to build a dynamic and inspiring brand identity.

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