How to Use QR codes and Mobile Couponing for Your Business Smartly? 3 Simple Steps

If you are the owner of a small business you have many options in front of you to grow and expand it. One of the latest marketing strategies is the use of QR codes and mobile couponing techniques. You must have seen these QR codes attached to the label of a T-shirt, on a website, or even on a billboard. If you are wondering what a QR code is, it is Quick Response Code and so-called because it can be easily read even by a smartphone.  They are being used by more and more businesses because they can contain much more data than a simple barcode. Also, they do not require a barcode scanner to be read as they can be easily read by a smartphone. You can add them to pretty much any print marketing tool like flyers, posters, and even your business card. Tenfold Growth Ltd in London has designed and developed QR codes for hundreds of its clients to help them in generating more business.

See the magic of QR code

You can ask for the inclusion of lots of details into the QR code generated by Tenfold Growth Ltd for your business. These can include details about a product, your contact, your offer, any event, competition, a discount coupon, your social website IDs, or even a link to your video on YouTube. We can include any information that you want in your QR code that you can give away to your customers. The QR codes generated by Tenfold Growth Ltd are small but they are able to contain as much information or detail you want to share with your customers.

Send discount coupons to lure your customers

Another marketing technique that is making waves these days is mobile couponing.  It is actually a discount coupon that is sent to your target group of customers through SMS. More and more companies are using a mobile couponing strategy to increase their sales these days. Once a customer has this discount coupon on his smartphone, he or she can show it to the business owner and get an attractive discount on the purchase of a product or service. More and more companies are making use of these mobile coupons to increase their sales these days. Tenfold Growth Ltd provides high-quality mobile couponing service to its clients at very affordable rates. The reason why clients love the mobile couponing service of our company is the fact that the coupons generated by the company are believed to elicit a quick response from the receivers. Send your discount coupons using text messages to your target group of customers. You will not believe your eyes when you see drastically improved sales in your business.

3 easy steps to avail 70% discount on QR code and mobile couponing service of Tenfold Growth Ltd

Yes, you read it right. You can now avail the best quality marketing services (QR code and mobile couponing) from Tenfold Growth Ltd, the market leader in marketing at an unbelievable discount of 70%. It is like a windfall for your business as not only do these services from Tenfold Growth Ltd are set to increase your sales but you also stand to save on your hard-earned money big time.

Step #1

It is very easy to avail of this whopping discount on QR code and mobile couponing service from Tenfold Growth Ltd. All you have to do is to inform 3 of your friends about this fantastic offer. This should be easier than a walk in your garden as you can pass this wonderful information through Facebook or Twitter to hundreds of your friends. Just request your friends to contact the company or fill out its inquiry form available on the website.

Step #2

For you to unlock the doors a 70% discount scheme of Tenfold Growth Ltd, 3 of your friends need to order QR code or mobile couponing service from the company. You become eligible for this fabulous scheme as soon as 3 of your friends give their orders either by contacting the company or by filling out the order form and answering questions posted on the form. This gives the company an idea of the information that these customers want to be added to QR code or mobile coupons.

Step #3

You become eligible as soon as Tenfold Growth Ltd receives QR code or mobile couponing service orders form 3 of your friends. Now all you have to do is to give your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the offer and also to the payment options under the scheme. Tenfold Growth Ltd designs QR codes in the required quantities for you, including all the information that you want to be included in these codes.

This is how easy it is to avail of a 70% discount on QR code and mobile couponing service of Tenfold Growth Ltd. You will be delighted with the results of these marketing efforts.

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