76% of Your Ad Budget Will be Wasted Without Utilising This Marketing Method.
 We Can Help You To Get The Most Out of The Best Remarketing Tactics.

Nowadays a lot of small business owners worried because of stagnation of their businesses. They have tried their best, but their business seems to have stopped growing. The cause of the problem lies not in their efforts but the direction in which they are being attempted. It is alright on their part to employ SEO strategies to gain the attention of Google and other search engines. But what they really need to achieve best possible ROI is remarketing on both Google as well as Facebook. Many companies are offering remarketing services, but none is as good as Tenfold Growth Ltd operating from London.


Then how can you be so careless with your business when so much is at stake in financial and personal terms on your business? You hire a company to do digital marketing of your business and think that it is enough and future proof. This is a wrong approach as your competitors can easily outpace and outscore your marketing efforts.
You need a constant or at least a frequent appraisal of your marketing efforts to make the necessary changes when and where required.


Before moving forward, it is pertinent to tell you as a business owner a little bit about re-marketing. On Google, it means utilizing advertising services of Google to attract customers who have earlier visited your website. They are shown the ad, on the website while browsing elsewhere on the net. This is like dangling the carrot in front of a rabbit in a bid to lure him to move in a particular direction. We adopt clever Google re-marketing techniques to show ads on the website of to the targeted group of individuals who have earlier paid a visit, to his website but did not make a purchase.

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You are probably wondering how Google remarketing works. For you, it is sufficient to know that we make use of cookies to drop code on the browser of every new visitor. This cookie tracks the visitor and allows us to know when to serve ads on the website of in front of him. This kind of marketing, called remarketing, is very cost effective as ads of your website are shown only to those individuals who have previously
paid a visit to it.

Also, you need to know about Facebook remarketing which has become very popular in recent times. In fact, Facebook remarketing is giving desired results more quickly than Google remarketing, indicating the near domination of this social networking website.  makes use of this ploy to allow its clients to reconnect with its visitors on Facebook. For knowledge of, experts install a pixel on your website. This information is relayed to Facebook which in turn shows the ad of your website to the visitors when they are signed in and using Facebook.

Never knows what happened as you start to receive a steady stream of visitors coming from Facebook on to your website. This happens with the help of a small code installed on the back of the website that sends information to Facebook continuously. What makes Facebook remarketing even more appealing to is the fact that it costs you much less per pick than Google remarketing.

You would be happy to know that Tenfold Growth Ltd in London is the leading marketing agency that has perfected and nearly mastered the art of remarketing be it on Google or Facebook. Working with the market leader is always beneficial for the obvious reasons. Whether decides in favor of Google remarketing or Facebook remarketing, you are sure to get the desired results and that too in pretty quick time.

We befriend Google in our marketing efforts for our clients as we know that it is impossible to achieve outstanding business results without friendly search engines.

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