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We have a completely prepared studio in the irregular comfortable home environment with amazing potential outcomes of production and additionally the post-production of various types. Our custom has been progressing since 2003 with 5000sq prepared for proficient utilization and an all-sided sight and sound space.


Envision an extensive number of individuals, assembled around a thought with which they grow together that would in the wake lead to perfection and awesome outcomes! That is precisely the principal objective of Tenfold Growth Ltd and services which we give from a wireframe to the last shot, relying on your desires and our ensured responsibility. Do you require a content, absolutely new idea, fine art, content, sight, and sound, or something unique? We will give you everything that is vital, including positive imagination and above all give you our complete consideration.


We don’t just make normal video cuts and promotional recordings. Instead, we are additionally diving into the finest points of interest and nothing is left of the case. Entire improvement methodology of the video itself is available all throughout the venture since we need to draw the most extreme potential from every thought that we later acknowledge on shared satisfaction. We are doing a statistical market survey to set the ideal rating and also keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish your objectives which is the greatest test for us!

The procedure of pre-production is significant, and it decides in which course your thought will move straightaway. We have a group of exceptionally prepared experts who have picked up a phenomenal pre-production involvement with their fruitful vocations and who will put everything into perspective, examine potential outcomes and after that painstakingly pick what is great so as to get top quality! Availability of pre-products implies the non-appearance of mix-ups that would originally have surfaced later in the process without our point by point venture checking framework.

When we are certain that the entire base and thoughts are adequately set up, a video generation is going to the line, which in truth signifies the last recording and taking of materials that will later be prepared step by step. Every video is precisely confined and considered with equipment that are the current industry best benchmarks and cameras that are the most recent innovation. With an incredible group of makers who are among the best in the United Kingdom, and with experience of shooting ads, plays, online recordings, and showcasing introductions, you can make sure that everything is in the correct hands and prepared for the solely best result!

Video recording is done, and the material is prepared for the final set-up. Post-production demands hours of diligent work, however, in spite of the fact that the entire procedure is situated in our studio, our specialists, and video – music engineers are taking a shot at the blending, acing, and amassing of video materials that have been shot, that implies that we can convey fabulous outcomes for you in an exceptionally sensible amount of time.

We are the full-cycle agency that helps you not just create professional videos but also help your business get more leads, sales, and profits through cutting-edge marketing.

There is no fruitful organisation without effective branding. We have numerous years of experience in which we effectively practiced every one of the patterns of video production both in the fields of TV advertising and other innovative media circles. Best outcome of branded advertisements indicated video clips up to one minute long by focusing on a particular gathering of clients with an intense, yet, one of a kind message. Your feeling is vital to us, and that is the reason we give you a decision between a few offered video arrangements that can later appear on the typical TV, streaming or social communities.

Communication Videos are the innovative and outstanding approach to demonstrate your preparation programs, lessons, interviews or some other sort of administration through a very skilled demonstration. The way of demonstration in which nobody stays unconcerned and day by day investigation with surveying of substance statistics are only a portion of the benefits of this intense technique utilised by the world’s most acclaimed brands. We are prepared to allow you to be a piece of this example of overcoming adversity through help and consistent improvement tips.

Every occasion has its own story, and Media One Creative will ensure that the story of your occasion becomes paramount from each perspective! The ideal mix of innovativeness will stagger visitors and guests joined with the experience from our distinctive mixed-media ventures. We make a technique with an extraordinary arrangement and program, so everything goes according to plan including critical meetings, festivities, content writing…

Straightforward message sent from an individual viewpoint is something that is imperative today since it makes trust in participation and gives a reasonable indication of the nature of what you give and what you are representing. Regardless of whether it is a video that is proposed for people, gatherings or the overall population we have an answer for you that will be actualised as per your thought and needs, for example, incorporated structures for taking a client’s email, name or some other subtle elements with visual impact by choice.

What does your brand offer and why is your brand something outstanding in a market that is now overflowed with a wide range of various offers? The response to these inquiries will be introduced by our Product Explainers which are uncommonly arranged for the brand advancement procedures and development of the same through flawless video creation. Contingent upon your decision recordings could be made from numerous points of view, and we prescribe the length of the venture to be something like 90 seconds for the best outcomes.

There is no preferable recommendation for your business over the individual experience of your clients and business associates who are recorded in a flawlessly incorporated experiential commercial video. Video shots from various points, with a feeling of genuine live chats and occasions, utilising at least one or more cameras from the last age with an ideal highlight on the benefits of your image that can altogether enhance picture and thinking of the regular individuals towards you, which is a critical venture for what’s to come!

Demonstrate your business and workers from a totally new point of view and take part in the fruitful story of the people who are important to your general advancement. A standout amongst other weapons in promoting is the capacity to demonstrate that the story which you are introducing to others happens effectively with the extraordinary group and very much organised administration. We are here to help you with top-notch video pictures, movements, and shots of courage to get you to the place where you deserve on account that your organisation surely merit this!


Given the numerous statistics showing the gradual growth of online video production and viewership, it’s safe to say that video is gradually proving itself as a leading source of information. YouTube alone generates billions of viewers from around the world, receiving more than a billion unique visitors every month. Cisco predicts that online video will account for 85 percent of all consumer internet traffic by 2021. Brands and businesses that ignore the power of online video for their marketing strategies are doing so at their own risk. In fact, Nielsen sees that over 64 percent of marketers expect the video to dominate their marketing strategies shortly. This only shows that most businesses are already seeing the importance of online video as a means to provide people with information and entertainment. Videos are the perfect medium for quickly getting your point across to your audience and expressing yourself in ways that you can’t do with text. You can even establish strong connections with your audience and stimulate lasting emotions if done the right way. Creating compelling videos can attract more attention as these are more likely to be shared by your audience than written blog posts. Thus, videos give you the opportunity to build relationships with new customers and expand your reach. Using video is an indispensable tool for online marketing as it offers numerous ways to bring people into your sales funnel and hopefully turn them into potential buyers. We research the nature and size of the business of the client as well as the target market of the client. It is from the result of this research that a suitable video marketing strategy is prepared and implemented accordingly. No matter what your business and how big or small it is, there is a result oriented video marketing strategy from Tenfold Growth Ltd to help your business reach new heights of success.

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