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to help businesses to cope with the current tough global situation.

Don’t be fooled by SEO strategies that don’t get results.
Only a truly customized pay-for-performance SEO strategy will turn those clicks into sales.
Google updates its algorithm more than 300 times every year. While it’s essential to keep up to date with these changes, the Tenfold Growth Ltd search engine optimization philosophy has held true for the last three years: develop and build on relevance, follow Google’s rules, and watch your rankings rise.
Tenfold Growth 80+ step proprietary Search Engine Optimization Process is continuously rewritten to adapt to Google and its evolving algorithm updates. While the basic tenets of relevance remain steadfast, search ranking factors continue to change, and failure to adapt can negatively affect rankings. At Tenfold Growth our commitment to Pay for Performance SEO essentially mandates our ability to adapt to excogitative search engine rank factors; if we don’t, our clients don’t rank, and we don’t get paid.
“What is pay for performance?” “Do you guarantee page one rankings?” “Do we pick the keywords?” “What’s the catch?” At Tenfold Growth, we’ve been asked these and many other questions since we introduced our pay for performance SEO plan almost four years ago. Our answer has always been the same: “Page one or you don’t pay.” No, we don’t guarantee page one rankings. If you absolutely need to be on page one in a certain position in a certain time frame, we have an Adwords program that can help. At Tenfold Growth, we promise that we’ll rank your site for the keyword phrases that you choose or you don’t pay us; it is that simple.
This offer is subject to the following terms and conditions and Base Admin Monthly Fee*:
• Your order will proceed within 7 working days following the client’s receipt of payment.
• The general terms and conditions of purchase at apply to this offer contract.
Base Admin Monthly Fee* £75/month
*Refundable if page 1 ranking not achieved. Additional £20 base admin monthly fee for each set
of 5 keywords over 15.

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It also leaves a trail behind that allows the target group of customers to easily find you when they need products and services similar to what you are promoting. It is an acronym that says it all. Search engine optimization is a process of making a website search engine friendly.

Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing start to recognize your URL and show it in their top results when people conduct searches over the internet using keywords.

There are many companies offering SEO services to their clients. The name of Tenfold Growth Ltd in London ranks at the top of this list as it has helped dozens of its clients in gaining exponential exposure to target, group of customers over the internet. It is a marketing agency headquartered in London with clients spread all over the world.

SEO is a powerful tool for all companies, big and small, desirous of online growth and expansion.

Once considered as a luxury of only large and wealthy individuals and business groups, it has today become a necessity for all individuals and organizations having an online presence.

If you have a blog or a website promoting some products or services, you can reach out to an exponential number of customers using the power of the internet.

However, your success is dependent upon your visibility over the net.

You may be selling the best quality products and services, but your website will not receive visitors in large numbers until it is made search engine friendly.

Our SEO experts make use of many techniques and tools to force search engines to take note of your website and show it in their top search results.

Their efforts improve the visibility of your website, and it gets a better ranking.

Higher visibility also means you start to get more visitors to your website. These are targeted customers who come through organic search, and they are already interested in products or services promoted by your business.

You can easily convert these visitors into actual customers to improve your sales and therefore profits.

Thus SEO is a tool that is a must if you want to succeed online. Money spent on hiring the services of SEO experts is an investment with guaranteed rewards.

However, these rewards can be reaped, only after the passage of time as it takes time to show results.

Not all SEO companies are created equal. It becomes confusing when you find dozens of companies working in this field and all of them claim to be the best in business.

Tenfold Growth Ltd in London is one digital marketing agency that is different in this regard. It does not make significant promises, like other companies. But it delivers on whatever promises it does make.

You can see the results regarding the improved ranking of your website and the higher amount f traffic it receives from various search engines after SEO is carried out on a continuous basis.

Link building is an exercise that is an integral part of any SEO campaign.

It is these links coming and leaving your website that tells Google where it is placed and what connections it has with other relevant payers in its chosen niche.

Google loves this community feeling and ranks websites with high quality links above those that have fewer and poor quality links.

Make sure that you develop a large number of links and that too with a higher ranking and authoritative websites in your niche.

The result of their link building exercise is evident in a few weeks time as the ranking of your website goes up.

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