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Whether you are doing online business or not you are most probably aware of a marketing tool called Email marketing. You must have subscribed to emails, of a few companies and must be receiving their emails regularly. With more than one-third of the population using emails and nearly 200 billion emails sent across, accounts of individuals and companies, you can easily understand the importance of email marketing today.

More than 50% of these 200 billion emails are business emails to tell you how much companies all over the world are still employing this tool of digital marketing. Many companies are handling the responsibility of sending emails on behalf of their clients. But not all email marketing is created equal. My Biz in London is the undisputed leader of the pack as far as helping clients in converting their prospects into actual customers.

Sending emails to people in your contact list is a powerful means of communicating with them. You can send your message across in the manner that is suited to the nature of your business. What is more, you can be sure that your message is received, in the inbox of the email of the customer and he can read it conveniently at his own choosing time. Thus you are not causing any trouble for the recipient and still able to send your message across to arouse interest in his mind about your products and services. Also, there is nothing as compared to email marketing when it comes to cost-effectiveness. It is one of the most inexpensive means of digital marketing in present times.

It is the endeavor of our digital agency to establish the client as an expert in his niche. He is also projected, as a friend and guide of the people in the contact list. He talks in a light vein and solves the problems through advice in these emails. Once a strong relationship is established, between the business owner and the audience, the emails start to talk about the products and services promoted by the company of the client. But the experts at Tenfold Growth Ltd take care to keep the tone soft and friendly so that recipients do not feel offended by the recommendations to buy some products.

We have helped dozens of clients through its email campaigns for them. It is now your turn to reap the rewards of their experience and expertise.


With so many benefits of email marketing, it is not surprising that more than 80% of the individuals using emails get and open to read emails sent to them by different companies. What is perhaps more important for you is the fact that 44% of these recipients make at least one purchase in a year based upon suggestions contained in a promotional email. Even if this percentage looks very low, you must take heart from the fact that this success is achieved silently and simply by sending emails. If you have hundred people in your contact list and even one of them buys a product recommended by you, you are only deriving benefit and not losing anything. When you choose our company over other email marketing experts, you are sure to achieve a much higher conversion rate.


As a business owner, you are not expected to write a series of emails to engage with your prospects. You are good at making and selling products, and you are better off sticking to what you are best at, rather than trying your hands at writing emails. Leave the job of sending emails to those interested in products or services sold by you to those who understand the chemistry and mechanics of email marketing better than you. Tenfold Growth Ltd is a company that has carved a niche for itself in the field of email marketing. The reason behind its amazing success as an email marketer is a long and varied experience in handling email campaigns of its clients in diverse industries.

When we take over the responsibility of conducting the email campaign of a client, he can relax and sleep in peace as he can be pretty sure that the efforts of the company will produce desired results in the very short time. The marketing experts at

Tenfold Growth Ltd does not have a readymade email marketing plan for every client. They devise a plan in consultation with the client and then create a series of emails that are sent periodically to the inbox of the prospective customers. All the members of the contact list start to receive an email on a regular basis with something of value contained in every single email.



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