Practical Digital Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses

Putting together an efficient and effective digital marketing strategy may seem overwhelming as a small business owner, especially if your competitors are injecting massive amounts of money into their social media campaigns.

The thing about digital marketing is, it doesn’t require bucketloads of money to ensure successful conversions and lead generation. But rather, digital marketing success thrives on creativity, originality, humanistic elements, and customer-centric approaches. It is crucial to meet your customers exactly where they are by identifying the platforms they like and the kind of content they relate to.

In this article, Tenfold Growth will introduce you to super-functional digital marketing techniques that will help your small business grow without requiring large money injections.

Here, take a look:

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) turn to Facebook and Instagram to enjoy effective, dynamic and affordable advertising tools to reach out to a specific target audience. These two social media platforms define the collective power of social media advertising by allowing small businesses to virtually penetrate any given market segment or target audience.

While money is a consideration, creativity and originality are far more significant because modern-day consumers seek highly personalized advertising experiences and brand offerings. Facebook allows you to present your advertisements to a highly specific audience, segmented on the bases of online preferences, gender, age, interests and even their location.

Setting up Facebook and Instagram ads is immensely easy. Just focus on presenting your target audience with immersive images, SEO-friendly content and interactive videos. Videos are the ultimate tool to expand your research and win your audience, encouraging them to buy your products or avail your services by offering detailed and insightful information.

Google My Business (GMB)

At Tenfold Growth we strongly believe that if you run a small business with a physical restaurant, retail store or hair salon, it is crucial to list your business on Google My Business (GMB). You see, Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most dynamic strategies for a small business to reach out local consumers without spending a bucketload of money.

For instance, if a potential client is seeking a local hairstylist or restaurant, Google will reveal the first three Google My Business listings before displaying paid ads and organic search results. Listing your business on GMB will help you expand your audience and generate high quality leads without spending a single penny on ads.

GMB will combine all your various Google-powered platforms in one listing, which will allow potential customers to review your Google Maps profile, Google+ profile, and the Google reviews given by your customers. Data relevant to your profiles on Google Analytics and Google Insights will also be presented on this listing.

Most businesses don’t put in the effort to create an appealing GMB listing and put up a few distorted pictures, while many even neglect adding their contact details, address and website links. It is crucial to put in the time and effort required to create an immersive and interactive GMB listing with high quality images, your address and contact details, and all your social media platforms and website links.

GMB is a powerful strategy to help you gain visibility by cementing your brand identity and integrity. It will lend your brand immense credibility, and help you acquire new customers without much effort. Be sure to ask your clients, friends and family to provide positive reviews on your GMB listing.

Google Adwords

When it comes to digital marketing success, organic search offers more credibility and integrity than most paid advertisements. Every single second, thousands of users add over 40,000 queries in Google search, which is why, Google Adwords is the most powerful and dynamic strategy to acquire new consumers and gain more visibility. 

At Tenfold Growth we strongly believe that Google Adwords is the backbone of digital marketing platforms, having been around earlier than most other platforms. Keep in mind that Google Adwords is expensive, but it is also highly competitive, and if you conduct your research and approach it with a pragmatic strategy, it will reduce your overall spending considerably.

Despite being expensive, Adwords is far more superior at expanding your audience reach as it will deliver relevant search results to users seeking information pertaining to your business. However, in order to utilize this strategy effective, you need to focus on efficient on-page SEO.

Content is KING

In 2020, AI-powered chatbots, video marketing and data-driven advertisements have certainly taken precedence over most other marketing initiatives. However, make no mistake: Content has been, is and will always be KING when it comes to carving out a competitive, unique and dynamic digital identity.

Content marketing has the most dynamic commercial significance than any other challenge because it lends a brand credibility, integrity and continual visibility. You see, curating original and creative content allows a brand to generate and offer value by providing consistent and relevant content to attract new customers and maintain brand loyalty across existing clientele.

While paid advertising offers results for a limited duration, content marketing offers greater consistency with long-term results. Curating content takes time and effort, but on the long-run, it gives birth to sustainable growth and attraction. Indeed, content marketing has the ability to single-handedly expand the growth and success of a business.

In order to enjoy success with content marketing, be sure to focus on curating high-quality blogs and landing pages, maintain relevance, and emphasize SEO optimization. Most small business owners believe that content is limited to blogs and landing pages, but that’s not true.

Content extends to all kinds of posts, including podcasts, videos, online tutorials, social media posts, images and much more.

At Tenfold Growth Ltd  – Digital Marketing Agency from London our clients who are small business owners are strongly advised to work towards building their organic social media reach. Get in touch with our team to humanize your brand by going behind the scenes and allowing your consumers to understand and experience the elements that make you and your brand special.

Going Live on Instagram and Facebook are excellent strategies to interact with your consumer audience, and share the story of your entrepreneurial journey. Modern-day consumers are inspired by small business owners and seek to lend them support and encouragement. 

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