Putting Together an Immersive & Interactive Content Marketing Campaign

Content is the driving force that helps a brand build an audience, enjoy loyalty and trust, and establish authority. Content is the pinnacle of all marketing campaigns and strategies, and it drives every single effort made by a brand to win over its target consumer audience.

The content reflects the quality of a business; it offers a compelling first impression to rope in the audience and then keeps them engaged and coming back for more. Content is the only ingredient that truly matters, and contrary to what most people think, content does not specifically refer to written material or blog posts.

Content is anything and everything that a business creates to attract its audience and appeal to their tastes. It is a broad term that refers to blog posts, social media posts, images, videos, podcasts, virtual events, and much more. Content is what makes a website interactive, immersive, and difficult to leave.

So, how can you put together an immersive and interactive content marketing campaign for your brand? Keep reading to discover some pro tips from our seasoned content creators at Tenfold Growth Ltd – London Marketing Agency.

Creativity is KING

Creativity is the force that allows businesses to set themselves apart from the competition and create a distinctive identity. Creativity allows a brand to create its own voice and command a solid presence that rises above the noise of the industry, compelling users to tune into the brand’s offerings. Creativity stems from originality.

It is pertinent to note that Google and other search engines have very little tolerance for plagiarism. A few years ago, plagiarism was not a big consideration, but today, it is the most vital consideration while curating content. If Google’s algorithms detect plagiarism on your website, it is likely to get banned.

Originality and creativity are two ingredients that help marketers and content creators appeal to their audience. It is vital to pursue creativity by aligning your content to the needs and preferences of your audience. Conduct research on their preferences and tastes, and offer them creativity that appeals to them the most.

Videos Work Wonders

Modern-day users have very little time to spare for long blog posts and informative articles, unless they are truly interested in a subject or are conducting a dedicated search to learn more about a topic. Users are unlikely to read lengthy blogs while sitting on the toilet early in the morning, or scrolling through their Facebook feed to kill time on a long commute.

But they are highly likely to watch an interactive 4-minute video to take their mind off work or stressful experiences. Videos capture attention instantly, and they are an excellent content strategy to appeal to your entire consumer audience.

Video marketing has proven immensely successful and lucrative at generating leads and converting those leads into paying customers. They are an incredible medium to market new products, offer product reviews, and interact with your audience on a more personal level. You can create all kinds of videos to appeal to your audience and enjoy higher ROIs.

Blogging with Consistency

Don’t get us wrong. The popularity of videos doesn’t mean that blogging is outdated or ineffective. In fact, maintaining a regular blog with consistency and creativity is vital to play up your SEO game and secure a solid position on the first page of Google’s search results.

You see, blogging allows brands and their websites to benefit from keyword research and SEO marketing tactics. Keyword research allows a website to be highly relevant to its audience, and build authority and credibility. Blogs allow businesses to demonstrate their expertise and authority within their industry, share exciting news, and empower their audience with information.

Modern-day consumers adore brands that share information and empower their audience. Be sure to strengthen your blog with internal and external links to win over more credibility and authority.

Colorful & Appealing Imagery

Much like videos, images are another powerful tool to make your website and social media platforms more appealing and engaging. Images capture attention instantly, and they allow marketers to get creative. You can create elaborate photographs and campaigns around new products, or post pictures of your store décor to boost in-store traffic.

Motivational quotes and travel images are another fabulous ideas to offer more variety and start a conversation on your social media platforms. When working with images, Instagram is a powerful tool that all businesses need to include in their marketing mix. At Tenfold Growth Ltd, we strongly recommend Instagram to all businesses that seek to target millennials.

Podcasts & Virtual Events

Content marketing isn’t limited to blog posts, videos, and images. There is an abundance of variety to explore here, we always push our clients to get past the mainstream content ideas and experiment with something new and exciting.

People love tuning into podcasts or enjoying online events, such as virtual panel discussions. Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms offer you all the tools that you need to host your own podcast or call prestigious guests relevant to your industry to host a panel discussion.

Consumers love brands that create events and activities for them without requiring them to buy a product or sign up for a service in return. It reflects a strong commitment and an initiative to simply please one’s consumer audience. Putting together a panel discussion on a hot issue that is trending hot in the industry or country is a great strategy to be more relevant and win over consumer loyalty.

Putting together a content marketing strategy requires brands to be mindful of their consumer audience, and learn more about their preferences and ideals. We help brands surprise their target audience with immersive and exciting new content strategies that are optimized to boost revenues and traffic.

You can get in touch with our seasoned content creators and marketers to work on a creative, result-oriented and immersive content marketing strategy for your website. We can truly help reinvent your brand and pour new life into your content!

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