Social Media Strategies For Online Shopping Business


Ecommerce businesses and online shopping brands have much to
gain by directing their marketing resources and initiatives towards social
media. In 2020, social media has empowered all businesses with a wide range of
tools that cement their brand identity and expand their consumer audience.
However, the advantages for ecommerce businesses are hard to ignore.

Social media tools and features allow ecommerce businesses to market their products and collections to an overwhelmingly large audience of consumers. With a few swipes, consumers can place orders, making the process of selling much more convenient. This allows online shopping brands to enjoy increased volumes of sales and revenues.

Allow us to walk you through some effective social media strategies that will help you boost sales and expand your consumer audience.

1-Go Live on Facebook

Facebook Live is a dynamic feature that offers greater engagement and advantages than promoted posts or even Facebook ads. Remember the saying, ‘Out of sight, out of mind? You need to position your products where the consumers are most likely to see them. Facebook Live allows you to tempt online shoppers with your products and then offer them greater convenience of buying.

You can take them through comprehensive store-walk-ins or even display your entire collections. The viewers can take screenshots and you can book their orders through Facebook Messenger or even the website.

2-Shoppable Posts on Instagram

Instagram has grown into one of the most popular social media networks and this particular channel is extremely popular amongst buyers. In fact, majority of the users on Instagram are looking to try out new products based on reviews and influencer recommendations. Instagram allows you to promote your products through a wide range of features, of which Shoppable Posts are by far your most lucrative option.

Shoppable Posts have been a highly beneficial addition to Instagram’s ecommerce landscape, and they help you boost traffic, revenues and sales. You can increase your product orders and revenues by simply allowing your customers the convenience of this option. Shoppable Posts allow brands to present their product offerings within Instagram’s in-built shopping community.

You can use standard images and even stories to market your products and sales.

3-Setting up Facebook Messenger on your Website

Facebook Messenger has rapidly emerged as one of the most popular social mediums of communication, and it attracts more than 1.3 billion users a month. It is a highly lucrative channel to generate sales and improve your customer service experience.

When customers have to wait around for your customer support personnel to respond to their queries, they are likely to move onto your competitors. Facebook Messenger will improve your connection with your customers, and it will also keep your product offerings and price changes at the forefront.

4-Instagram Stories

The feature of Stories on Instagram has grown much more popular than Snapchat itself, the social media app that introduced the concept of Stories. These are an excellent medium to constantly remind your consumers of your product offerings and keep your brand in the forefront. Given the highly competitive environment of social media networks, users are flooded with all kinds of content.

Naturally, this can cause your ads and posts to get lost in the crowd of content. Stories allow you to stand out and command attention, tempting your consumers to head over to your website or account. If you have over 10,000 followers on Instagram, you can embed business links in your Stories. These links will take your customers to your website with a single swipe.

It’s all about making the shopping process easy, quick and convenient, and you can influence buying decisions in your favor. Stories allow you build a connection with your consumer audience and be a part of their everyday lifestyle.

5-Invest in Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have been around for a long time now and they continue to getting more targeted and precise. Today, ecommerce websites and online shopping brands can devise their strategies from a variety of ads offered by Facebook. They help you make dramatic increments to your sales volumes, and are highly effective for penetrating new markets and consumer groups.

You can start boosting your posts and new collections, and turn your most popular posts into an ongoing advertisement campaign. Videos, carousels and albums of new collections are a highly effective strategy for ad campaigns that will attract maximum views and responses.

6-Start Investing in IGTV

IGTV is a dynamic new feature that has allowed Instagram to offer more entertainment and content variation to its users. The fact that it hasn’t become a mainstream marketing tool for businesses allows ecommerce brands greater advantage over their competitors. IGTV offers you to create immersive videos of product campaigns and collections and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

I will attract your consumers and influence their buying decisions with creativity and exposure. You can present your sales items, seasonal discounts, new collections, or even your collaborations with social media influencers.

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