Video Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners

Marketing has always been recognized as a very important tool for the growth and expansion of a business. There are many marketing strategies from the very basic level of use of business cards and brochures to the highest level of digital marketing over the internet to integrate locally done business with the global level business. Even in the realms of digital marketing, there are many different tools from SEO to website designing and from paid advertising to the use of social media platforms to popularize a business. One method that has become very popular and caught the fancy of marketers and business owners alike is the use of videos to showcase the features of their businesses. By making and popularizing videos over social media websites like YouTube and Facebook, many small businesses have gained tremendous exposure and increased their sales and reach at the same time.

What is it about videos that make them better than images and content in the form of text? Well, psychologists say that it is human nature to feel curious about what is inside a video. This is why they click upon videos and stay longer than is the case with an image. Video marketing has already become very popular and more than 60% of the businesses are already using videos in their marketing strategies. You should also jump on to this bandwagon and reap the rewards. Tenfold Growth Ltd is a respected digital marketing agency in London that has helped dozens of its clients by making their business videos and placing them on social media like Facebook and YouTube.

Videos Increase Chances of Conversion

You make use of taking action buttons on your landing pages to encourage visitors to buy products and services. It has been found that adding a product video on your website can increase the chances of conversion by nearly 80%. .Videos made by Tenfold Growth Ltd has helped our clients by increasing their sales. This is not surprising as vision is the most important source of information gathering by our brain. Images boost engagement but the level of engagement with a video is much more.

Very High Rate of Return

If you are one of those who think it costs too much to get a video of products and services made and marketed over social media, think again. It is one of the most inexpensive methods of marketing today and what is surprising is that it brings the highest rate of return n investment.

Search Engines Love Videos

If you are not convinced by any other reason, you have to give in to this reason. Google and other search engines smell videos faster and they love to rank websites with videos higher than sites with only text as content. Also, videos compel visitors to stay longer on your website which is again noticed by Google.

You Can Explain Features Easily with Videos

Visitors demand more in less time in present times. You can meet this requirement of instant gratification by embedding videos on your website. With the help of videos made by Tenfold Growth Ltd, you can easily explain the features and advantages of your products and services in a quick time to your audience.

Videos Are Shared by Users

You are able to reach out to a much larger audience by placing videos over the internet. This is because it is easier for your prospective customers to share your videos among their friends on social media platforms. 

Post Videos on YouTube

If companies like CocaCola and Apple are making videos and posting them on YouTube, you can easily realize the importance of this social media channel to promote your products and services.

Include Facebook in Your Video Marketing Strategy

While YouTube is the first website that comes to your mind when thinking of platforms for marketing your videos, you cannot overlook Facebook at any cost. It is the 2nd most visited website one earth after Google and it boasts of more than 500 million active members. Just imagine the kind of exposure your videos posted on Facebook can get for your business. In fact, for Smartphone users, Facebook is the most loved site as nearly 25% of mobile users spend most of their time over Facebook. It is a fact that sharing videos is easier for users of Facebook than a sharing of YouTube videos. Tenfold Growth Ltd does a research on the nature and size of the business of the client as well as the target market of the client. It is on the basis of the result of this research that a suitable video marketing strategy is prepared and implemented accordingly. No matter what is your current business marketing situation and how big or small it is, there is a result-oriented video marketing strategy from Tenfold Growth Ltd to help your business reach new heights of success.

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