What is the super powerfull strategy – Marketing Funnel ?

It is the biggest desire of every business owner to be able to create a magic funnel that catches prospects and converts them into actual customers automatically to increase the sales. After all, what is marketing without reaping its rewards isn’t it? However, creating a magic marketing funnel that works 24X7 silently is not an easy task. There are many marketing companies that make tall promises but they are not able to create this stealthy marketing funnel that runs efficiently all the time. But Tenfold Growth Ltd, a marketing agency based in London, is a little different in this regard. The company has helped dozens of its clients by designing and implementing marketing funnels for them. These companies are satisfied with the results of their funnels that work round the clock to catch prospects for their businesses.

The marketing funnel is akin to the net fishermen use to catch fish

The only guiding principle for ‘Tenfold Growth Ltd’ when designing a marketing funnel for a client is to be able to convert the highest possible percentage of visitors landing on the website of the client. Their marketing experts know the tricks of the trade inside out having designed marketing funnels for clients in diverse businesses in various sectors of the economy. These marketers catch not only individuals from various search engines but also those who land on the website of the client from their social media pages.

Making a marketing funnel is a complex process containing many stages

Creating a marketing funnel is a process composed of many different stages. The top of the funnel looks wide like the funnel used in the kitchen. A lot is poured into the funnel but only a trickle finally comes out of the bottom. The same principle applies to the marketing funnel created by our company. The topmost stage of a marketing funnel is the brand awareness phase where the prospect is given information about the products and services of a company. This is the stage where Tenfold Growth Ltd differentiates itself from the rest of the marketing agencies working in this field. Their marketing experts use many different methods to catch the attention of the target group of customers.

Arousing curiosity and interest

Some of the most important attention-grabbing methods to lead prospects to landing pages of the website of the client today is the creation of a funnel website design, setting up a YouTube channel, creation of capture pages, setting of channels on other social media platforms, etc. Most marketing companies try their best to grab the attention of a visitor to convince him to click and go on to the landing page of the website of the client. But the results achieved by us in this regard are tremendous, to say the least. 

It all begins with understanding buyer behavior. The decision to purchase and the item is the last stage of the funnel. The buyer first recognizes the need for a product. He then searches for information and evaluates the alternatives. It is only after being convinced about the advantages of a particular product over other similar products that he decides in its favor.

Marketing funnel plan that is tailor-made according to your requirements

The reason why the marketing funnel designed and implemented by Tenfold Growth Ltd for its clients achieves the highest conversion rate is because of the huge reservoir of experience of the marketing experts. They know which trick would strike an emotional chord with the visitor and what to do to force him to click on the landing page of the website of the client. In addition to their rich and varied experience, these marketing gurus also have an in-depth knowledge of the subject of  the marketing funnel.  They first analyze the nature of the business of the client and then combine their expertise with experience to come up with a tailor-made marketing plan for the client. Every single marketing funnel plan coming from Tenfold Growth Ltd is different and unique according to the marketing requirements of the business of the client.

There is no need to be wary of the term marketing funnel if you have never heard about it before. If you have an online presence, you are most probably using one even though it is quite different from what the marketing experts at Tenfold Growth Ltd would design and implement for your business. Different businesses have different requirements and no one marketing funnel plan would suit all the companies.

Whether you are a novice and know nothing about marketing funnel or you have a funnel working for your business right now but not satisfied with the conversion rate, you are welcome to contact Tenfold Growth Ltd. Feel free to discuss your requirements with a representative of the company. You have come to the right place if your aim is to somehow convert a high percentage of visitors reaching your landing page.

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