What You Didn’t Know About Video Landing Pages

To a survey marketer, landing pages are a necessity on a website. And this is why: No one doubts their potential to give positive ROI.

If the term sounds new to you, we’ll simplify its meaning for your sake. Quite simply, this is a website page complete with a lead form and whose main goal is to capture a visitor’s information.

Such a page will usually target a specific stream of prospects. It could be from a video campaign, email campaign, or other campaigns.

Now, when people land on the page, you have less than 8 seconds to convince them to stay. And battling this ever-shortening attention spans means investing in a landing page that converts.

In recent years, video has made a name for itself as a better way for a business’ to market themselves. Video landing pages have followed suit and today, we expose aspects of it that every business has to know.

An Example Of A Video Landing Page And Why They Are Important

Just as the name suggests, a video landing page is simply a website page embedded with, among other things, a video serving a specific purpose.

Some tell a compelling story, others explain the value of a product or service, and a great majority often entertain or create excitement.

In most cases, the video is embedded in a standalone player such as Vimeo or YouTube and is complemented by text and/or image.

Equally important as creating a compelling high-quality video is the design of the landing page and the call-to-action. Some brands with video landing pages stand out because of the way the video is integrated on the landing page.

A great example would be Salesforce’s landing page.

Salesforce’s landing page stands out in many ways. First, the page has multiple educational videos which means prospects have a chance to choose what they want to learn.

Also, the videos show the product at work and contain examples of what the viewer should expect. Further, they are placed right at the heart of the landing page to make them perfectly visible, and like every other good marketing video, they are short and punchy.

Why Landing Page Videos Are Important

Other than making a page look lively, there’s a list of other things that make landing page videos important and a necessity in marketing. They include:

  • People spend more time on landing page videos than other types of pages such as text only
  • Landing page videos usually raise engagement levels on a page.          
  • Landing page videos can assist to reinforce the value proposition of a business.
  • If the product, service or the other aspect in question is complex and/or lengthy, you could sum up everything in a landing page video. 

Statistics too, back up the effectiveness of landing page videos not just over text-only landing pages but also as a conversion technique.

Forbes Insights observed that 60% of people would rather watch a video than read a text. And in an Animoto Survey, many admitted that video matters a lot when making a purchasing decision online.  This explains why in most cases, landing pages bearing videos get clicked upon more times than those with text only or no videos.

Webdam, on the other hand, reveals that making video part of an existing landing page can up the conversion by up to 86%.

Another detailed study on Marketing Tech Blog also shares an almost similar revelation. It shows that incorporating a video into a PPC landing page leads to a 130.5% increase in the number of leads brought forth by the campaign.

Why Do Video Landing Pages Convert Better?

In some of our previous posts, we’ve discussed at length why videos convert better than other forms of marketing. Besides, there’s plenty of studies and expert opinions attesting to the same.

It’s, therefore, not exactly surprising to see video landing pages convert more prospects into paying customers, and this is why.

Low Bounce Rate

Soon as a person gets to a landing page and runs into a block of text, the majority will likely ignore it or walk away assuming they’ve read that before or they know better.

But when a video is presented to them, they might stay on the page for longer and probably gain interest in your message.

Conveys The Message Faster (Short Attention Spans)

Visitors on your landing page will normally have the option to either watch a video or read a text or sample the different images you may have included on the page.

Some (very few) will opt for text but the majority, as supported by the statistics mentioned earlier, will opt for a video and if it’s short and punchy, they will more likely take an action.

They Are SEO Friendly

Several studies have revealed that pages embedded with videos usually rank better in the search engines than those without, meaning more people will likely come across your page. Besides, search results containing videos often enjoy higher click-through rates than those that lack.

4 Components Best Video Landing Pages Should Have

Video landing pages that perform well usually observe specific practices. The best landing pages include these four important components:

1. Page And Video Info Should Match

It would be pretty confusing for the viewer if what they read on the page doesn’t connect with the video content. Naturally, the content should either complement the video or lead up to it.

2. Keep The Page Simple

How you design a landing page will influence the engagement levels. So, use the white space intelligently and, if possible, get rid of ‘clutter’ around the video so as the viewer is not distracted while watching it.

3. Have Different Videos Designed For Different Audiences

In order to engage your prospects, you must address things that matter most to them. If you’ve segmented your audience, go ahead and come up with different videos targeted at each segment.

4. Optimize The Page And Add Track Analytics

Since a landing page is mostly aimed at increasing sales or generating leads, optimizing the page together with the video becomes necessary. Employ the best practices in Video and landing page SEO and don’t forget to add track analytics so you can know who watches, for how long they watch, amongst other things.

Final Word

Every bit of advice we’ve mentioned is a step towards knowing more about landing pages and successfully creating one that can fulfill its main goals: generating leads and/or increasing sales.  Don’t forget that creating a compelling video should be a top priority as well. And as you do that, at VideoRemix.io, we’ll play our part of providing you with an effective way to create a proper landing page and one that converts better through our cleverly designed video landing page templates.

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