Why Old School Marketing is Defunct?

All business owners indulge in promotional gimmicks to attract more and more customers. No business can survive and grow in the long run until its marketing is done in an effective manner. Marketing of products and services was simple till a few decades ago with most businesses resorting to pamphlets and banners in their areas of operation. Some companies spent more and gave advertisements in newspapers while others ran commercials on radio and television to attract a higher number of customers. However, marketing underwent a sudden transformation with the arrival of the internet and later laptops and smartphones in the hands of the common people. Marketing became digital as business owners realized its power and the promise to reach out to an unbelievably high number of customers instantly.

The world has changed dramatically in the last few decades, especially in terms of technology. People have the power to remain connected to the world and their friends with smartphones in their hands. People have also changed in terms of their buying behavior. Not only are they buying products and services online but they also seem to be heavily influenced by the recommendations of their friends.  This is something that has been noticed by business owners as well as marketing experts. People spend a lot of time on social media websites chatting with friends and watching pictures and videos shared by them. New techniques of marketing products and services keep evolving to shape the buying behavior of social media savvy customers. Tenfold Growth Ltd in London is a company that specializes in digital marketing techniques.

So important has digital marketing become that it is helping not just big companies belonging to Fortune 500 but also business owners with small retail stores in a corner of a small city across the world. This means you cannot sit back and relax after using old school marketing methods like banners and pamphlets to spread the message across the target group of customers. Yes, traditional methods of marketing are easy. You can pay for a radio jingle played daily several times on a local radio station. Or you can choose to send flyers in newspapers to prospective customers directly into their homes inside newspapers. But even you know in your heart of hearts that this kind of old school marketing hardly leaves any impact on the minds of a target group of customers. What they need is modern and aggressive digital marketing.

Before letting you into the amazing benefits of digital marketing, it is worthwhile to mention the downside of traditional marketing methods.

You have no means to interact with your target group of customers

Whether you are giving an advertisement in the newspaper or playing a radio jingle, you are merely giving out information about your business without knowing how the intended group of customers take this information.

Advertising through print and electronic media has become very costly

You need to have a large budget to be able to advertise your business through print and electronic media

Results are not measurable

With traditional marketing, you send the message but do not know what happened after that.

Multiple ways of reaching out to your customers using digital marketing

It is no secret that people resent receiving pamphlets in between newspapers and throw them away without reading. They also delete promotional SMS as soon as they receive them on their phones. Digital marketing has allowed companies to reach out to their prospective customers in new and innovative ways. You can send your message across writing blogs, through PPC, banners on the internet, social media posts, videos, emails, etc.

Global as well as local reach

 Digital marketing allows you to reach out to prospective customers in remote corners of the world but also to those who live in the same area where your business is.

You can devise a marketing campaign to suit the profile of your target group of customers

With digital marketing, it is possible to design the campaign to be effective according to the age, gender, location, and even interests of the target group of customers.

The audience chooses the manner in which to receive the message

One person might like to read your message contained in a video while another might be interested in pictures with slogans. Other people might read your blog while some like to receive emails regularly. With digital marketing, you have many different mediums of targeting your prospective customers.

You can interact and receive feedback

Digital marketing gives a chance for your customers to react and share their views and opinions in the form of comments and replies to emails and posts on social media. You know how well people are receiving your message and also learn about their grievances if any.

Digital media gives a level playing field

You have the same opportunities as a local store owner as are available to the owner of a Fortune 500 company when using digital marketing.

You can benefit by hiring the services of Tenfold Growth Ltd in London to include digital marketing in your overall marketing arsenal.

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